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About Pashmina - 05 - Caring for Your Pashmina

Caring for Your Pashmina

With proper care, your pashmina can last more than a lifetime, getting softer and more luxurious over the years, and becoming a treasured family heirloom. 

Washing Your Pashmina

Dry-cleaning is the recommended way to clean your pashmina, however, you can hand wash your piece by following the instructions below. 

Fill a sink with cool water. Add a specific hand-washing detergent such as Woolite. Allow detergent to dissolve then gently immerse your shawl, pressing softly with hands, and turning the garment over carefully to wet all the fibers. Let the shawl soak for no more than two minute. Remove from soapy water and place on a towel. Drain sink and refill with cold, clean water. Place shawl into clean water, gently swishing it around to rinse out detergent. Blot garment carefully with a towel to remove excess water. Do not twist, pull, or wring out your pashmina garment. Spread damp shawl on top of a towel, re-shaping and smoothing with hands. Let air dry. If necessary, you can iron your pashmina shawl.

Ironing Your Pashmina

If necessary, you can iron your pashmina shawl. Use a low setting on your iron and place a sheet of paper or thin piece of fabric between your iron and shawl. 

Storing Your Pashmina

Due to the woven nature of pashmina shawls, these garments should never be hung. Gently fold them on a flat surface, placing tissue papers in between the layers of fabric to prevent wrinkling. Store in a closet or drawer away from direct sunlight.