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About Pashmina - 03 - Art of Weaving

The art of weaving pashmina wool into shawls and garments is believed to be as old as 3000 years BC. Throughout the ages, pashmina wool has been lauded as the diamond fabric, the soft gold of high Asia, and the fiber of kings. Legend tells that pashmina became the rage of French fashion when Napoleon gifted his beautiful Josephine with a much-envied scarf.

Pashmina wool is often blended with other fibers such as silk or the synthetic fiber viscose. Garments of 100% pure pashmina wool are rare. Because pashmina wool and pashmina blends arte often woven into shawls, the shawls themselves have come to be known as pashminas. This can be confusing since a "pashmina" may not necessarily be made with 100% pure pashmina wool. The best garments are made from at least 70% pashmina wool. One hundred percent pure pashmina garments are highly prized and, when well cared for, can be a treasured heirloom that can last for generations.

The scarves and shawls sold at The Elephant Place are made from 100% pure pashmina wool harvested and woven by artisans in Kashmir, India.